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At Pete Bozanich Insurance Agency, we specialize in the insurance needs of  senior living, nursing home, adult day care & assisted living facilities. Our vast Assisted Living Facility Insurance experience has not only given us many insights into what the insurance protection needs are for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, it also shows the dedication, attention to detail and follow-up we provide to every one of our Agents.

We know you try to give your clients the best possible care everyday. Likewise, we care about our clients (you) and try to give you the best possible product at a competitive price with very low minimum premiums.

Our program is specifically designed with smaller facilities in mind. Unlike many of our competitors that have minimum premiums of $7,500 or higher, our minimum premiums start as low as $900. We know that smaller facilities are operating on smaller margins and cannot afford $10,000 for their liability and professional insurance premium.

General & Professional Liability Coverages Include:

  • All Owned Premises
  • Product-Completed Operations Included
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Medical Payments - $5,000 Limit
  • Property Damage To Others - $100,000 Limit
  • Coverage on a Claims-Made Basis
  • Defense outside the limits
  • Early and Mid-Stage Alzheimer Patients acceptable
  • Non-Ambulatory Patients acceptable provided they are not bedridden

Optional Coverages:

  • Physical/Sexual Abuse - up to $200,000 Limits
  • Hired/Non-Owned Auto - up to $100,000 Limits
  • Employee Benefits Liability

Property Coverages:

  • Building
  • Business Personal Property